How to increase your income, without leaving your job.

A lot of the advice out there for increasing your take home each month is to quit your job, or take on a night shift, or start your own business. In reality, those things are hard to do. How about increasing your salary within your current role. It can be hard to do, but it’s also your best opportunity for increasing your wages.

  1. Become an indispensable expert. Knowledge and research are the key. Double check your opinions against fact. Google and your in house systems are your best friend. Most people don’t use them well. Verify everything before you speak or email.
  2. Make yourself visible. Say good morning to everyone. Have something sensible to say in meetings. Find a ‘legitimate’ reason each week to interact with people that can influence your salary or your position. Key word is legitimate!
  3. Volunteer for everything
  4. Remember time is money and management notice if you take too long to do something i.e. making it very expensive
  5. Understand the basic operation of your company. Familiarise yourself with the organisational chart and reporting structures. Know who is who, and what their role is. Study and understand the business (financials and operations). Learn as much as you can – ask questions, even though what you’re learning may not seem relevant at the time to your specific role. Knowing the bigger picture means you can take advantage of opportunities that come up.
  6. Know and totally understand the objective of your role, your team, your department, your boss, your bosses boss and ultimately the company. Understand all the value your job can add to achieving those objectives. e.g. your objective is not to send out statements on time. It’s to provide a professional service to your clients, to build trust with your clients, so that they remain clients, helping to increase profits.

It’s important that you leave ‘self’ at the door. Don’t be a victim, don’t complain – just get on with it, and ensure you understand your bosses pressure points.

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