Outsourcing vs. In-House Digital Marketing

Choosing what’s best for a small business is never easy; trying to conserve on costs whilst investing the right amount of time and money to generate revenue. It’s not easy to take on cost risks with an unknown future result.

It’s very common for companies to outsource part of their digital marketing needs, and there are lots of services out there on offer. The trick is to identify the quality of the offering, and ensure you have a results based performance expectation.

Employing someone in house comes with a fixed cost that is difficult to stop and potential HR issues, but in brings someone closer to the brand and the brand strategy – Typically they will be more receptive to changes in direction from time to time and communication is easy. If you have a small team of 1 or 2 people, they can run the risk of not being exposed to modern methods and the digital landscape changes; they must work hard at remaining current.

Outsourcing has benefits, and in the South Peninsula there are plenty of small businesses or work form home individuals that provide digital marketing skills. You can benefit from the experience they have with other clients; and it’s easy to ‘try before you buy’. Be careful of anyone that tries to tie you in to lengthy contracts without first proving themselves. The best will always be happy to prove themselves first. Their own house should also be in order. In other words, look at the their own digital online presence. A master will always practice their craft. It’s important to start with little bits of work to and gradually build up your faith in their abilities and then you can increase their responsibilities for your company.

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