CV Tips and Advice

CV Tips which make all the difference

  1. Stand out: Your CV should showcase your skills and experience. Include examples of success, results, problems solved or achievements in management.
  2. Keep it simple: Simple formats work best. Easy to read and easy to get through. Keep a consistent font and font size
  3. Don‘t be generic: Target your CVC at a specific sector. Try to understand who will be receiving it, and what they specifically care about.
  4. Check and check again. NO errors – Not one. Spelling mistakes, poor grammar, conflicting dates, incorrect email address and phone number – will immediately turn off any employer.
  5. Keep it updated: Don’t simply send off an old CV – regularly update it to meet the requirements of the jobs you’re applying for.
  6. Use a template. By using a CV template you should still express yourself, but a template can make your CVC easier to read and ensures you cover off the most important aspects of your experience.

CV Templates:

Your CV must stand out amongst a pile on someones desk. Highlighting your skills and personal attributes is vital. Use a CV template to help you get started. Here are a few you can find online:





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