My village jobs is all about working closer to where you live, and recruiting candidates that live closer to your office.

It makes good sense to employers and employees alike and contributes significantly to the local economy and to the success of the local community.

MyVillageJobs is aligned to the objectives of the “Circular Economy” theme of the Noordhoek 2030 Vision

To Employers:

  • The longer your employees have to travel, the more likely they’ll be late for work, are stressed and need to leave early.
  • Forget any extra effort. When that 5pm bell rings, you know what happens.
  • Cost pressures of travel on your employers, mean cost pressure on your salary bills.
  • That little sniffle is very likely to mean a day off if they live far away.
  • Fetching the kids or going to the dentist, means a full day off.
  • Time pressure, and travel pressure on your employers, converts into more stress in the office.

To Employees:

  • More time to do as you please, hit the beach or spend time with your family.
  • Car maintenance and fuel costs kept to a minimum.
  • Better state of mind to enjoy your place of work.
  • Pop out, pop home, fetch the kids, meet with friends for lunch- all now possible.

To the Community:

  • Less traffic.
  • Instead of buying coffees, lunch, having haircuts, grocery shopping, parking tips all going to the benefit of other areas; people and their wallets remain local, then so does their spending in support of local businesses.

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